Centre for European Studies - Bifrost University


The Centre for European studies was founded at Bifröst University in August 2005 in co-operation with the Confederation of Icelandic Employers (SA), the Icelandic Confederation of Labour (ASÍ), the Federation of Icelandic Industries (SI) and the Confederation of State and Municipal Employees (BSRB).


Director of the institute is associate professor Eiríkur Bergmann.


Research area


The Centre's main area of research is Europeanization and Icelands role in the European project. Our research projects have mainly focused on how the European Economic Area agreement (EEA) has affected the Icelandic society.


The Centre for European is part of the EC Thematic network for European studies, SENT, and the EC Thematic network for Europan law studies, Menu for Justice. 


Education programme


European studies have been taught in Bifrost for several years. Since autumn 2006 Bifrost has offered a MA degree in European studies. In the program students study the history behind the creation of the EU, the economic and political integration process, EU law and Iceland´s role in the European project through the European Economic Area agreement (EEA).


About Bifröst


Bifröst University is one of the smallest but fastest growing universities in Iceland. It is a private, non-profit university, set on a rural campus outside Iceland's capital city of Reykjavík. Founded in 1918, Bifröst is one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in Iceland.  Historically the only specialized business school in Iceland, Bifröst now offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in three academic departments: Business, Law, and Social Sciences.

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